First Pop-Up Shop

Styling by Claudia - Nails & Bling

"Any woman can wear a great outfit,
but it's her nails that make the statement!"

- Claudia Schoutteeten -

When? July 10, 2016
Where? Zwijnaarde, Belgium

I decided it was time to announce my business to the public and organised my very first pop-up shop.

My best friend Sophie Mortier opened up her house (and nail studio) for this launch party! That's why we picked the name 'Nails & Bling"

Here's a picture of us together:

We became buddies at school around the age of 16 and stayed close friends ever since. So let me take a moment to say this:

"Thank you Sophie,
for always being a true friend,
for all the times you made me laugh,
for all the moments I needed a shoulder to cry on.
Thank you for being you and doing it so amazingly!"

Ok, let's get back to business...

This pop-up event was a true success! All our friends and family took the time to swing by on the hottest summer day of 2016. I'm so very grateful for all the love & support that was given.

Our guests were being spoiled with culinary finger food by a renowned chef, refreshing drinks and champagne. Plus everyone also received a goodie bag filled with great gifts (jewellery, hand care, coupons,...).

Looking back, I couldn't have wished for a better first pop-up experience. It definitely confirmed my passion for this business and made me feel very excited for the future.

To everyone who made it to Zwijnaarde this day:
It really means a lot to me, will never be forgotten and will always be highly appreciated.

Thank you so much!

More pictures

Pop-Up Nails & Bling
Pop-Up Nails & Bling
Pop-Up Nails & Bling
Pop-Up Nails & Bling
Pop-Up Nails & Bling
Pop-Up Nails & Bling
Pop-Up Nails & Bling
Pop-Up Nails & Bling
Pop-Up Nails & Bling
Pop-Up Nails & Bling
Pop-Up Nails & Bling
Pop-Up Nails & Bling

Meet the team


Styling by Claudia




Inne Impens Photography

Want to collab?

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a pop-up event collaboration.
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  • Inne Impens: April 17, 2020

    Het begin van 3 totaal verschillende succesverhalen. Toen toch nog wat nietsvermoedend over waar we 3 jaar later zouden staan. Eigenlijk wel fijn daar even bij stil te staan. De tijd vliegt… Blijf ervoor gaan Claudia & Sophie!

  • Els: April 17, 2020

    Leuke namiddag gehad toen. Eerste afspraak bij de nagelstyliste en paar leuke accessoires gekocht. In de watten gelegd met een goodie bag en heerlijke hapjes en drankjes. Topmeiden!

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